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Shumokukan floor plan


■Entrance Hall (Western-style building)
Stained glass
There are four kinds of stained glass in the entrance hall.

■Western-style Room (Western-style building)
Former bedroom
This western-style room was used as a bedroom. The room is available to rent.

■Exhibition Room 1 (Western-style building)
The pottery and porcelain industry in Nagoya
The history of the ceramic ware industry is displayed through panels, books, and materials. Stained glass with spades, clovers, and diamonds can also be seen.

■Japanese Rooms 1 and 2(Japanese-style building)
A taste of the early Showa era
Savor a nostalgic atmosphere in these large, quiet, Japanese-style rooms. Please make use of this room for exhibitions and events; the room is available to rent.

■Exhibition Rooms 2 and 3 (Japanese-style building)
History of the Cultural Path area
Three panels from different times: The Edo period, more recent times, and the present explain the history of the Cultural Path area.

■Western and Eastern Storehouses with Earthen Walls
Two storehouses side by side
The Western storehouse is a wooden and partly- reinforced concrete building; the ground floor is available for rent. Next to this is the Eastern storehouse with its brick walls (not open to the public).

■Former Kitchen, Bathroom, and Changing Room
Life back then
Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of life at the beginning of the Showa era.

■Japanese Tea Room
Japanese tea room
A Japanese-style tea room is located in the beautiful green garden.The room is available to rent.

■Tea Room
Former dining room and parlor
Relax while enjoying the stained glass that depicts two small birds.

A garden rich in greenery
The garden connects the Japanese-style building, the Western-style building, and the Japanese tea room. The lawn area near the Japanese-style building is available to rent.